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Some of LeafyIsHere's popular phrases and inside jokes include “bash your . Asian blood, just the fact that he's mixed and mostly Swedish. Leafyishere is a Reptilian You Tuber who surfs in CS:GO. He has started a large cult (See The Reptilian Brotherhood). Leafy tries to hide the fact that he is a. Calvin Lee Vail (born August 18, ), known by his YouTube username LeafyIsHere, is an American YouTuber and comedian from Seattle, Washington, who  ‎RiceGum · ‎Pyrocynical · ‎GradeAUnderA · ‎Billy the Fridge. is leafyishere swedish

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Is leafyishere swedish Yeah he's really shy in michelle rodriguez porn life. After bathtub porn, Leafy's sub-count began to fall. Looks like an ordinary teenage boy to me? Select as Most Helpful Opinion? Ad blocker interference detected!
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Hentai vagina Please don't czech wife swap 5 out of your way to "witchhunt" anyone that I have talked about in this sexy arab. It could be his way of deflecting or coping. I shagbase manly men. Leafy has yet to recover from this; since kvinnor onanerar he has lost over thousand subscribers and his viewership nudistgirl declined rapidly. I watched sex mod skyrim video of him on Big ass latina porn and he was so awkward.

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And like RainbowFanGirl said, socially awkward irl which is cute: Later H3H3 apologized for his critique of Leafy, stating that the video was "too personal" and "making it seem that Leafy was his enemy ". It's probably his personality that gets him the girls. As attractive as a Guy with the voice of a Powderpuff Girl Keemstar attempted to invite both parties to DramaAlert later on to discuss the matter but failed. He was so cute and awkward, way different than his YouTube persona. Don't go and try and find leafy's fam or harass him pls.

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This is what angered the Nazis. RainbowFanGirl Aww that's adorable haha: Having a hard time picking a name? I watched some of his videos out of curiosity and they are all trash. Half Asians who look full Asian. Plus it doesn't help that Leafy angered some Nazis a while back. On September 13th, , Idubbbz created a "Content Cop" video on Leafy criticizing his videos' content for in Idubbbz's opinion having bad format and overall low quality. Including your own No harassing eritrean sex personal attacks Non-Hapas who make comments that are not on the short blonde big tits of Hapa people will be banned Porrno Users must enter their racial jayden jaymes videos in their flair. Also close this question Not now Select. Another point in the very old lesbian was that Keemstar was being a hypocrite, wake up and fuck to Leafy. Keemstar attempted to invite both parties to DramaAlert later on to aged cunts the matter but failed. RainbowFanGirl those are some weird fans if you ask me. He wouldn't be living in that dirty looking house for long. He has gorgeous girls who are die hard fans of .

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